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MAX BOND Adhesive (Glue)

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The Adhesive (Glue) Used In Video

Medical Grade Adhesive (Glue)

  • The MAX BOND is a the leader in liquid adhesives, and continues that elite tradition. The MAX BOND of liquid adhesives stands up to oily scalps, heavy perspiration and high humidity with a reinvigorated formula that provides four to five weeks of reliable hold time. MAX BOND is formulated to absorb light, providing an undetectable front hair line in the most vulnerable situations
  • Specially designed for high temperatures and humidity, heavy perspiration and oily scalps to give a reliable bond regardless of the conditions.
  • MAX BOND hair replacement adhesive by Man Weave Unit provides a strong bond with your skin with the need for less product than other brands.

Product description

AMAZING FEATURES SAFE INGREDIENTS Unlike other cosmetic adhesive products, MAX BOND has been designed by experts who put your safety and comfort first. COMPLETE WATER RESISTANCE Never avoid making a splash again. With MAX BOND, you can swim laps and dance in the rain without any embarrassing lifting or shifting. FASTER CURING Don't waste a minute waiting for your cosmetic adhesive to dry. You won't find a faster drying cosmetic adhesive than MAX BOND. POWERFUL HOLD With MAX BOND, you'll get the strongest hold available on the market today, without the irritating and harmful chemical adhesives in other products. TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE Soak up the sun with MAX BOND'S powerful temperature resistant design. Enjoy longer hours in the sun without lifting or having to reapply! BACTERIA RESISTANCE. You deserve to feel, smell, and look clean at all times. With MAX BOND, you'll be able to wear your hair system longer without having to worry about bad odors or harmful health effects.

The Adhesive (Glue) Used In Video

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