Collection: Introducing Our New Posh Super Hair Growth Biotin / Vitamin And Protein Shampoo & Conditioning Systems

  • Has Botanicals and Scalp Enhancements For Hair N  ourishment

  • Hair loss
  • Bald spots
  • No Edges
  • Alopecia
  • Dead Hair Follicles
  • Breakage
  • Thinning hair
  • Shedding
  • Extremely Dry Scalp

Why Is This Shampoo and Conditioner Oil and Drops So Effective?
This high performance all natural and paraben free shampoo and conditioner system was formulated to stimulate healthy hair over night! This System is an effective way of fighting thinning Hair and shedding. It promotes volume shine and stronger Hair instantly.
Biotin, Vitamins and Proteins are the core ingredients in both the shampoo and conditioner. The Vitamins help...

  • Builds And Strengthens Hair Within
  • Promotes Thicker, Fuller and Healthier Hair Follicles
  • Ideal For All Types of Hair
  • Leaves Hair Feeling Rejuvenated and Stronger
  • Safe For Color Treated Hair
  • Helps Retain Moisture and Hair Growth


Client received results from using the Posh Super Hair Growth System after using for 3 weeks, bald spots are now gone, hair has become more healthy and more manageable as a result of this product, she is now a faithful client and uses the product as needed.

Client's Testimony !"I just want to spread the word on Melessa's Posh Hair Growth System. I'm a very satisfied client who has been using Melessa's product. I noticed my edges were thin from wearing braids for many years. Coming to Melessa, she recommended her hair growth system. It's unbelievable how strong and full my hair and edges have become. The total system was a great help moisturizer for my scalp. My hair grew and no more dryness. My suggestion would be to all women to switch from over the counter remedies, to those that really work for all hair problems. Melessa's posh super hair growth system really work for me."

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