Adhesive (Medical Grade) 1.3 oz

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About the product
  • The discovery and development of new composites have resulted in a radical, but exciting, change in the world of adhesives as these new compounds address each individual's body chemistry. Today's advanced technology has allowed the removal of plasticizer from previous formulas, therefore creating a more stable product that performs more effectively against excessive body heat and oily scalp conditions. As a result of this advanced technology, The Posh Miracle Water Proof Glue has a creamier, thicker consistency that delivers a smoother, easier-to-use, and longer-lasting application for all clients. The adhesive's new improved formula features extra moisture protection and higher melting points. Specially formulated for oily scalps, high humidity, and heavy perspiration and contains no latex, no harsh solvents or any other irritants frequently found in in other formulations. 


  • Needs Two Coats When Applying Your Non Surgical Hair Replacement Unit
  • Allow To Dry Until The Glue Feels Stinky, Then Apply Your Unit
  • Waterproof
  • Applies over skin or full head as needed.
  • We recommend to use our solvent to remove units.
  • Not recommended to retail (For licensed professionals use only)
  • Medical Grade Adhesive
  • Last 30 Days or More
  • Drys Clear
  • Non Detectable
  • No Smell
  • Use on Poly and Lace

We recommend using a spatula, popsicle stick or fine paint brush.


The MiracleBarbieMD brand is a leader in liquid adhesives. The line of liquid adhesives stands up to oily scalps, heavy perspiration and high humidity with a reinvigorated formula that provides 30 days or more of reliable hold time.

MiracleBarbieMD Adhesive is formulated to absorb light, providing an undetectable front hair line in the most vulnerable situations. It has a higher "melting" point than other liquid adhesives, so it can withstand heat and perspiration longer before the bond is compromised. It can be used safely on both lace and poly systems, and its water-based formula is safe for your skin!

MiracleBarbieMD Adhesive is also available in 5 oz bottles.