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Indian Ocean Wave

Indian Ocean Wave

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INDIAN OCEAN WAVE - 100% Indian Ocean Wave. Each bundle is beautifully unique and comes from a single donor. Ocean Wave curl patterns in each bundle. The hair has been processed.

  • 100% human hair and ocean wave curl pattern has been processed single drawn raw virgin hair directly from the temples in India.
  • Will last you for YEARS with proper care!
  • 100% human hair (not mixed with synthetic or animal hair)
  • All cuticles are intact and aligned, which eliminates tangling.
  • Very minimal to no shedding.
  • Cut, color, curl or straighten. Treat it like real hair, because it is real hair!
  • Each bundle is 100 grams (3.5oz)
  • Each bundle is unique and has its own distinct own processed ocean wave curl pattern.
  • Perfect for sew-ins or making your own clip-ins.
  • Highest quality possible!
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